Recovery Coaching

What is Recovery Coaching?

A recovery coach is typically a certified professional who assists directly and regularly in a patient's continuing care. They are distinct from therapists and counsellors on the one hand, and fellowship sponsors on the other. Recovery coaches are not involved with the primary treatment of addiction. They support recovery, help prevent relapse, build community support for recovery, and work on achieving positive life goals both related and unrelated to recovery from addiction.

At Castle Craig London we have extensive partnerships with recovery coaches. If you need a recovery coach, our team can refer you to a specialist. Call 020 3468 6602 to get in touch with our consultants.

Who Needs a Recovery Coach?

  • Those who have recently completed a primary programme of addiction rehabilitation
  • Those who are feeling vulnerable in early recovery 
  • Persons in recovery who have a weak or distant social support network 
  • Those who have trouble staying motivated or lack discipline
  • Those who have low confidence, self-esteem or direction 
  • Those who have regularly engaged in treatment, and have regularly relapsed
  • As an additional tier of support to anyone in recovery wherever they are on the spectrum (of time)
  • Anyone in recovery wanting to explore and work towards life-changing decisions, or goals of any kind, whether it is better self-care to career change to working on a relationship.

Get the Answers you need

We can recommend qualified recovery coaches and welcomce new partnerships. If you would like to get involved, please call us on 020 3468 6602 to find out more. 

Your call will be fully confidential, we will never share your information with a third party without your explicit consent.