Occupational Health

Support for Employees with Alcohol & Drug Problems

When a case of alcohol, drug or gambling addiction surfaces in the work arena, it can often be a very challenging matter for managers and employers. The problem might also be further complicated by co-occurring physical or mental health issues such as stress, depression or burnout. When dealing with an employee with an alcohol or drug addiction the employer must:

  • Recognise signs of addiction early

  • Take action sooner rather than later. By the time symptoms of alcoholism or drug addiction are visible in the office, it will most likely be causing problems at home.

  • Present the facts. For example, instead of saying "I think you drink too much", say "I smelled alcohol on your breath before our meeting yesterday".

  • Make the employee aware of their impact in the workplace.

  • Use leverage if possible. It may be necesary to tell the employee that they must resolve their drinking or drug problem if they wish to keep their position. 

  • Offer proffesional help and information, give details of the company doctor, occupational health practitioner, company therapist, or whichever health professional is most appropriate. Gather contact details of different professional organisations or rehab clinics that can provide treatment.

We Can Help

Castle Craig London offers specialised services for employers:

  • Personalised support for organisations, HR staff and managers on how to deal with alcohol and drug addiction issues at work
  • Medical assessment for employees
  • Employee interventions
  • Access to quick admission into residential treatment programmes.

If you think an employee is abusing alcohol or drugs at work, our consultants can advise you on 020 3468 6602