An intervention is a pre-planned meeting of family members and close friends, who seek to help a loved-one to recognise that they have an alcohol or drug problem, which is impacting their life and those around them. The end result of an intervention is to help the person who is being intervened-on to access professional treatment. An intervention is usually faciliated by an independent third-party, who should be a relevant professional with interventionist training.

Arrange an Intervention

Castle Craig London has access to a wide network of addiction specialists, including professional interventionists. Our admissions team can personally advise you on 020 3468 6602.

A professionally organised intervention is a carefully planned and structured process; professional interventionists are on-hand to provide guidance and information throughout a highly emotional process. An intervention is not about forcing an individual into treatment against their wishes, nor is it a chance to antagonise or unnecessarily distress.

When Arranging an Intervention:

  • All participants must work together and co-operate. 

  • There must be a set of boundaries which are established ahead of the intervention meeting.

  • An appropriate treatment program will need to be arranged for rapid admission following a successful intervention.

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We can refer you to qualified care and arranage professional intervention services. Call us on 020 3468 6602. We can also arrange fast admission to one of our inpatient addiction treatment centres in Scotland or Ireland.

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