Addiction Psychiatrists in London

How can an Addiction Psychiatrist help me?

Addiction psychiatrists are specialised medical doctors, who have trained in psychiatry with a particular focus on addiction medicine. These psychiatrists are typically involved as medical directors in addiction treatment programmes, whether that be inpatient detox or residential rehabilitation. The first stage of seeking help, or receiving treatment for addiction is to have a detailed assessment with an addiction psychiatrist.  

In the past addiction was thought of as a 'habit' or indicative of immorality or weak self-discipline. Nowadays, addiction is widely regarded as a disease, and specifically a brain disease, with biological, psychological and social as well as emotional symptoms. 

Castle Craig's Addiction Psychiatrists

Castle Craig’s expert team of addiction psychiatrists are available to oversee your treatment, and begin your treatment with a thorough assessment and diagnosis.

Castle Craig London is also able to find you a psychiatrist in London for face-to-face meetings and assessments within 48 hours.

Often addiction is not an isolated condition, and there are other psychiatric disorders - such as depression, PTSD, or an eating disorder, which interacts with the addiction, causing more problems in the patient's daily life. Addiction psychiatrists will also assess for co-occuring illnesses.

Below are the main services our psychiatrists provide:

  • Thorough assessment and diagnosis for substance use disorders (addiction to drugs and alcohol).

  • Assessment and diagnosis for other conditions; addiction can often occur alongisde other physical or psychological conditions.

  • Detox planning – treatment often begins with detoxification. Our psychiatrists will evaluate what type of detox programme is suitable for you or your loved one.

  • Referral to inpatient rehabilitation – residential rehabilitation is often the best way to ensure long-term abstinence from addictive disorders.

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