How to Refer a Patient to Residential Rehabilitation

Referring a patient for alcohol and drug rehab treatment at Castle Craig or Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is straightforward and quick. Our admissions staff and medical staff are available to help you at every step of the way. We accept self-referrals from patients and family members as well as referrals via medical professionals & substance misuse agencies.

Steps for Referrral to Residential Rehab

  • Contact our admissions staff, who will discuss the case with you and gather all relevant information about the patient and their alcohol/drug abuse history.
  • A letter of referral from the patient's GP (family doctor) and relevant medical records describing their condition and medical history is usually requested - our admissions staff can arrange this on the patient's behalf. 
  • Our Consultant Psychiatrist will then speak with you as the referring professionals, or with the patient. Based on all the information gathered, they will advise a personalised rehab treatment plan that meets the patient’s specific needs.
  • Our Admission Team will then make all necessary arrangements and set the rehab admission date. They are also available to answer any questions you might have.

Gathering information about the prospective patient is the most important step in the referral process. This keeps us in line with British Medical Association (BMA) best practice guidelines and helps us to ensure the patient’s health and safety. When assessing for admission we need to have an in-depth overview of the patient’s condition, their previous care or attempts of sobriety, their substance misuse history, detoxification needs and psychiatric history.

Progress Updates Throughout Rehab

Once a patient is admitted to our residential rehab programme we continue to liaise with referring professionals regarding their treatment progress, discharge arrangements and continuing care recommendations by our consultant psychatrist.

Contact Us

Castle Craig London is currently developing a broad referral network and working with a wide range of third party referrers - family doctors, psychologists, interventionists, recovery coaches, psychiatrists and clinics.

If you would like to connect with Castle Craig London as a referring agent or want to refer someone into residential rehabilitation treatment, contact Laura Gane by email or call 020 3468 6602.