Travel and Visa Information

If you would like to apply for treatment at one of our clinics and you are coming from a country outside the European Union, you might need a visa.

If you are planning to access treatment at Castle Craig in Scotland, please check this link for the type of visa you need. Some countries are exempt from visas, but citizens will still need to bring supporting documents to show to border officers.

If you would like to apply for addiction treatment at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in Ireland, please find out more information about visa requirements here.

Can I apply for treatment if I don’t speak English? Can someone close accompany me into treatment?

We require patients to speak English at a conversational level. We have a multi-lingual staff, and as such we can sometimes provide one-on-one counselling in a patient’s native language - however moderate fluency in English is a requirement for admission.

Using an Interpreter

We have had successful cases in the past where patients have brought an interpreter to assist with translating. You can read more in this blog articleHowever, we would not be able to accommodate a close family member or friend as an interpreter during treatment as it is proven to negatively affect the patient’s therapy process and interaction within the patient community.

What are the travel arrangements?

Castle Craig London has an extensive network of addiction specialists, recovery coaches and interventionists. We can recommend healthcare assistants who can provide support during travel to our clinics.

Admissions will generally occur between 9am and 3pm on a working day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the preferred admission days. Although we do not normally arrange admissions at the weekend, we can start the admission process on Saturday or Sunday.

There are further travel directions and information on our dedicated websites: for traveling to Castle Craig or Smarmore Clinic.

Contact Us

For any other particular questions about travelling for residential rehab treatment to Castle Craig or Smarmore Clinic, feel free to email us or call our London office on 020 3468 6602.