Costs of Residential Rehab Treatment

The costs of a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme at Castle Craig and Smarmore Clinic include:

  • Consultant Psychiatrist care and personalised treatment plan;
  • Onsite resident medical officer care 24/7;
  • Specialist nursing care;
  • Medical tests and prescriptions;
  • All psychotherapy treatments;
  • Complementary/holistic therapies;
  • Fitness programme;
  • Meals, transport service, laundry, accommodation.

Single, en-suite rooms are available (although this is not always advised during the detox phase, where shared rooms are available depending on our consultant psychiatrist’s assessment).

Length of Stay

A standard recommended treatment plan lasts for 6 weeks, and our extended programme can last from three to six months. We require a minimum commitment of two weeks for all patients.

The length of stay will determine costs of treatment. After the medical assessment, our Consultant Psychiatrist will recommend the length of stay based on the patient’s personalised needs, as well as other factors like patient choice and circumstances.

Costs of Residential Treatment

Depending on the stage of treatment you enter, our prices start from £3,060 per week at Castle Craig in Scotland and €3,570 per week at Smarmore Clinic in Ireland.

For more information about treatment costs at Castle Craig click here.

For more information about treatment costs at Smarmore Clinic click here.

We constantly work on keeping the costs of residential addiction treatment as affordable as possible for everyone. In order to help people who are struggling to afford the cost of our inpatient addiction programme, we offer a range of treatment packages and payment plans. To find out more about these, please contact our admissions consultants by phone or email.

What If I Can't Afford Residential Treatment?

For those patients who find it hard to afford residential rehabilitation costs, our admission consultants are available to discuss alternative treatment options, and to give advice on accessing other funding options such as cross-border healthcare and statutory services like the NHS and social services. For more information please contact us.