Psychotherapists and Counsellors: Partnerships

Castle Craig's treatment model is based on Twelve-Step Facilitation and provides a range of specialist addiction therapies and complementary therapies adapted for alcohol and drug misuse treatment.

Our team of therapists work alongside Consultant Psychiatrists, resident medical officers, nurses and healthcare assistants. We also employ specialist practitioners in post-traumatic stress disorder, family therapy, eating disorders and other alternative therapies.

Work with Us: Referrals from Counsellors and Psychotherapists

The wide range of therapies that we offer proves our expertise in treating patients with complex needs, such as dual diagnosis and other related mental health issues.

Castle Craig London is looking to enlarge our network of partners among psychologists and counsellors in London and throughout the UK and Europe.

We are open to collaborating with psychologists and counsellors who need support in treating patients who suffer from substance addiction or behavioural compulsions, as well as complex psychological conditions.

We want to bridge the gap between various healthcare professionals that are involved in the treatment of patients who abuse alcohol or drugs and offer the specialised residential rehabilitation treatment that their patients need for a lasting recovery.

Benefits of Working with Us

There are some key advantages for psychotherapists or counsellors who refer patients into our residential treatment programme for alcohol and drug addiction:  

  • The patient’s care is integrated into the same framework and all medical care, detox and therapies are delivered on-site;
  • The referring agent is kept updated on their patient’s progress in treatment and consulted on any medical conditions that might impact the patient’s care and personal therapy;
  • We refer the patient back to the referring professional for aftercare so that they receive the continual support they need on returning home;
  • We invite psychologists and counsellors to our regular Open-Day events at our inpatient clinics: Castle Craig in Scotland and Smarmore Clinic in Ireland, where they can meet our team and learn more about our treatment programme.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants in London about making a referral into residential rehab or about setting-up a partnerships, please email us or call on 020 3468 6602.