Partnerships with Psychiatrists

Consultant Psychiatrists

An Integral Part of our Treatment Model

Consultant psychiatrists are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team of addiction specialists at Castle Craig in Scotland and Smarmore Clinic in Ireland. They meet with the resident doctor, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals in regular to discuss each patient’s personalised treatment plan, prescribe medication to manage their detox and supervise their recovery progress.

Work with Us: Psychiatrist Referral

Castle Craig London works with a range of psychiatrists throughout the UK, including many in London. We are committed to providing residential treatment to patients throughout the UK, Europe and the world. We also receive regular referrals from psychiatrists both within the UK and abroad.

As a result, we are always looking to expand our network of professionals. We are available to arrange meetings in London and we arrange regular professional visits to Castle Craig in Scotland and Smarmore Clinic in Ireland, so that our partners learn more about our addiction treatment programme and meet the specialists that would be ensuring their patient’s care over the duration of residential treatment.

Benefits of Working with Us

Our aim is to find the right fit for every enquiry, even when they do not require referral to one of our inpatient treatment clinics. We will thus recommend local health professionals that we partner with to carry-out the treatment or aftercare for our enquirers.

After a patient leaves treatment at one of our clinics, we refer them back to health professionals in their area and ensure that they have continuing support at home for aftercare.

As part of our partnership programme, we work closely with the referring psychiatrist in treating their patient:

  • We keep the psychiatrist up to date with information of how the patient is doing during residential treatment at our clinics in Scotland or Ireland;
  • We consult with the psychiatrist about the patient’s medical history, their substance-use history and any particular clinical record details that would help us better personalise their rehabilitation treatment plan;
  • We make sure the patient is referred back to the referring agent for aftercare, as part of our discharge plan.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our partnerships programmes for psychiatrists, the referring process or visiting one of our residential rehab centres in Scotland or Ireland, please  email us or call on 020 3468 6602 to speak to our London-based consultants.