Partnerships with General Practitioners

Resident doctors are an integral part of our team at Castle Craig in Scotland and Smarmore Clinic in Ireland. They attend daily meetings with the consultant psychiatrists, nurses and therapists to discuss each patient’s development.

Resident doctors are onsite, 24/7 at our residential rehab clinics in Scotland and Ireland to supervise the medical progress of our patients and cover any emergencies. Doctors work closely with our nursing staff and healthcare assistants to monitor patients’ recovery throughout their stay and adjust treatment according to their specific needs and progress.

Work with Us: Referrals from GPs

We are currently working with a range of GP practices in London and we are looking to develop our network to include services for private GPs in other areas of the UK and Ireland. We are open to arranging meetings to discuss possible partnerships in London and we can offer visits of our residential clinics in Scotland and Ireland.

Although GPs might refer a patient in need of addiction treatment to a psychiatrist, they may also make, or be requested to make, a referral to an inpatient addiction facility. At Castle Craig we receive referrals from GPs and offer quick assessment and admissions.

Once in treatment, we update the GP on their patient’s progress. As part of the two-year aftercare plan that each patient who completes residential treatment at one of our clinics receives, we make recommendations for further counselling and refer patients back into their GP’s care, to make sure that they are involved in the patient’s ongoing recovery.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our partnerships programmes and how to refer patients for drug and alcohol residential treatment at one of our clinics in Scotland or Ireland, please email us or call our London office on 020 3468 6602 to speak to our consultants.