The Story of Castle Craig

Peter and Dr. Margaret Ann McCann

Peter & Dr Margaret Ann McCann’s vision for 12 Step treatment in the UK began in 1981 when Peter McCann established the Life Anew Trust, a charity which promoted effective addiction treatment.

In 1982 Peter McCann consulted extensively with rehabilitation clinics in the United States to develop an effective treatment programme for addiction. In particular, the famous Hazelden centre in Minnesota provided him with extensive support and guidance.

In 1983 Peter & Dr Margaret Ann McCann founded Clouds House, a non-profit drug & alcohol treatment centre in Wiltshire.

33 Years of Expertise and Thousands of Patients Treated

Peter & Dr McCann successfully directed the treatment programme at Clouds for five years; in 1988 they made the decision to move to Scotland. Castle Craig was the first treatment centre to bring the 12 Step facilitation programme to Scotland.

In the early 1990s Peter McCann also founded the European Addiction Treatment Agency (EATA) which remains one of the largest membership organisations for the independent drug and alcohol treatment and aftercare sector.

Peter and Dr McCann have spoken at countless conferences, written various research papers and belong to a number of professional organisations. Dr McCann has served on the Executive of the Medical Council on alcohol and Peter McCann has been elected a board member of the International Council of Alcohol and Addictions.

A History of Innovation

Castle Craig’s continues to be one of the leaders of innovation amongst addiction clinics in the UK. In 1999 Castle Craig was the first treatment centre to introduce IC&RC accreditation for all therapists. Castle Craig was the first addiction treatment clinic to be registered for the Intertek ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for quality assurance in 1995, and has always strived to lead the way when it comes to quality assurance. Furthermore, in 2003 Castle Craig was the first rehabilitation clinic to use drumming therapy as a complementary treatment method. Castle Craig is also the only treatment centre in the United Kingdom to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to their patients.


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