Medically Managed Addiction Treatment

Expert Medical Team

A vital element of Castle Craig's treatment model is the expert medical attention that all patients receive from our team of consultant psychiatrists, doctors and nurses, led by our Medical Director.

A patient’s first contact with the medical team is during the development of their personalised treatment plan. The plan is based on a thorough physical and psychological medical assessment; this helps us assess their detoxification and prescription needs and determines which specialised therapies might be most useful.

Each patient will receive the attention of our consultant psychiatrist and other doctors who will:

  • Conduct a full physical examination,

  • Take medical history,

  • Examine the patient’s mental status,

  • Conduct blood tests and laboratory screening.

Importantly, our staff will continue to monitor the wellbeing of patients during their stay at Castle Craig and their treatment plan will be adapted accordingly. 

The Medical Director 

The medical team is led by the esteemed Professor Jonathan Chick, an eminent Consultant Psychiatrist with a long and distinguished career in the National Health Service. He is currently Chief Editor of Alcohol and Alcoholism, the official journal of Medical Council on Alcohol. Professor Chick is also on the board of trustees for the General Services Office of Alcoholics Anonymous in the UK. Additionally, Professor Chick is the author of Understanding Alcohol and Drinking Problems, in association with the British Medical Association.

Castle Craig’s combination of medically-managed treatment, 12 Step programme, and various psychotherapies has proven to be a winning formula for combating addiction over the last 33 years. 

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