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Smarmore Castle is located in the beautiful Irish countryside

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Why Castle Craig London?

Our treatment approach is to provide high quality medical and holistic treatment for alcohol, drug and other addictions. Castle Craig has been the UK’s leading treatment provider for 30 years. Our residential rehabilitation clinics are close to Edinburgh and Dublin and provide the most advanced inpatient treatment available in Europe in a discreet and beautiful setting. Our service in London provides diagnostic, referral and continuing care services.


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Our medical team include Dr. Margaret Ann McCann, Professor Jonathan Chick, Dr. Florian Kaplick and Dr. Maria Kelly. Our therapy staff work with the medical team as part of a multidisciplinary treatment model.

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Recovery stories: Louise

Louise C. runs a successful family business in Scotland that employs 90 people. But she very nearly lost all of this, and her life, due to chronic alcoholism.

Louise thanks her family for supporting her through treatment. In residential rehab she realized that the disease of alcoholism "was going to kill me". After many weeks of therapy she was able to face up to her alcohol problems and denial, overcome her fears and learn to be "happy in my skin and happy to be myself.